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User Interface Design

  • From the Inside: March/April 2013

    What does the Future Client/UI look like? What should you start considering now in your application design?


  • Responsive Web Design

    Like with any new buzzword, I'm sure your boss comes to you and says, "Our site needs to be responsive… We are losing business — make it happen!" Response Web Design is all about coding once and allowing the browser display version of the web page based on what the user is doing or using. Neer will talk about what Responsive Web Design really is and how it will affect your enterprise website.


  • User Experience and User Interfaces are not the same!

    We have been hearing for years that we need to modernize our user interface by getting rid of the green screens and using GUIs. That might have worked a few years ago, but the world has changed - again. Users are no longer satisfied with the "putting lipstick on a pig" approach. Their experiences with their own personal computers, tablets, phones, etc. have caused them to raise the bar. They now demand a completely new User Experience.


  • User Interface Design: Defacto Standards and Unicorns

    The green screen may be dead, but graphical user interfaces bring with them their own set of issues. Because of their flexibility, a set of GUIbased programs in an application written by different programmers, each with their own opinion and style, can be even more difficult to understand, use, and navigate than the old green screens. But do user interface standards appear magically?


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