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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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Automated unit, regression and volume testing.

mvTest lets you create, organize and run automated unit tests against your MultiValue application.

Tests are written in a dedicated scripting language that combines UniVerse Basic-like syntax with validations, test data generation, assertions and direct access to the database.

Create user interface tests using a scriptable fully featured terminal emulator.

Scale up for volume testing by running multiple test runs in parallel, with control over batching, randomizing and easily navigated feedback.

Client and server side test runners for ease of use and unattended testing.

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OI4Web is a tool that allows developers to access their OpenInsight data through a web browser. While most often used with Active Server Pages (ASP), OI4Web provides an "object" that can be used in any development environment that allows for the creation and invocation of ActiveX objects.

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This API allows Java developers to build applications using their preferred Java IDE.

Features include:
  • Execute TCL commands and capture the results
  • Execute AQL queries and return results in a structured array
  • Call Pick/BASIC subroutines
  • Support for file read, readu, write, writeu, delete, release, select, readnext, root, key
  • Support for multi-value functions: count, dcount, delete, extract, field, swap, insert, replace

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Storefront Software and Portal Applications That Are Second To None!

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DockMaster offers a comprehensive suite of integrated software tools designed specifically for the Marine Industry. As business managers, you need the ability to track every operation for accurate forecasting and cost controls. DockMaster helps you to manage all of your profit centers and their workflow. From the simplest POS transaction or office report to 1000+ item work-orders and packaged boat deals, DockMaster gives its users the ability to track every action in the system easily. An integrated report generator and accounting package allow users to view summary information to make the decisions that count. Find out how DockMaster has been helping Marine Facilities grow their businesses and increase profitability for over 23 years.

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