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  • Extending OpenInsight's O4W Web Development Toolkit with jQuery Plugins

    The new O4W web development toolkit included in OpenInsight 9.2 generates dynamic output using JavaScript, HTML, and Ajax and is based on an open-source library called jQuery. The jQuery library has hundreds of plug-ins available to help you create web pages that really sizzle. Find out how to make these available to O4W.


  • jQuery Mobile: Making Mobile with Minimal Misery

    The greenscreen went the way of the dodo bird. Desktop GUIs may be sufficient for in-house employees, but they do not provide ready access for your customers. A well-designed customer-facing website is an absolute requirement in today's business environment (at least according to your customers). But now, even that is considered insufficient. Customers demand access by mobile devices. Perhaps this new tool can help ease your pain.


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