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  • JSON For Your MultiValue Web Site

    Due to the nested nature of our MultiValue data, many developers are now familiar with XML and use it in their applications. However, there is another standard data-interchange format that provides the same nesting and associating abilities that makes the data readily available to other languages. Lighter weight and preferred by many Ajax developers, JavaScript Object Notation can become another valuable tool for use in your MultiValue-based web applications.


  • JSON: Born for MultiValue

    Very few MultiValue systems live in isolation anymore, especially not the large ones. We are frequently being asked to exchange information with other systems. Many of us have had the "pleasure" of working with XML. While it certainly gets the job done, a new, lightweight data representation scheme is quickly gaining popularity.


  • Parsing JSON data in MultiValue

    Understand how JSON data is built and parse is important to modernizing and extending your enterprise application. This article will show you how to parse an JSON document and provide you a finished subroutine that does the work for you.


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