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  • Call(Overhead)

    For decades, MV BASIC has featured the CALL() statement, allowing for external subroutines invoked by mainline programs. Typically, one does this to share common code/ processing/algorithms, thus upholding the development principle of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). However, such features often come with a performance penalty. How much of a performance penalty?


  • Improving System Performance BASIC Efficiency

    The task was designed to transfer geological survey data to tape for distribution. This data was kept in separate files according to type. These types included seismic section, well log, and well core data. The process was taking over 72 hours.


  • MultiValue Communications: The Persnickety Persistence Problem

    For decades, MultiValue applications have followed the model of having an always active, persistent connection to the server. This worked well when we had control over the connection, primarily by using a dedicated cable to a serial RS-232 port physically located on a board in the machine. Then came networks, where everything is dynamic and out of our control. Yet in 2011, how many of our MultiValue application still stick to trying to emulate the old persistent connection model of the last century?


  • MultiValue Database and Framework Benchmarking

    Benchmarking has been a topic that's been around for several years, but nothing really has been provided to the MultiValue Community to use. I've heard many different reasons for the lack of benchmarking, so I'll go through a few of them.


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