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  • First Steps to Securing Your Information in the Internet Age

    While computer and data security is a large and complex subject, it is disconcerting how many MultiValue systems do not even take the most fundamental precautions to protect user data from unauthorized access. Just a couple of straightforward techniques can prevent that kid on the coffee shop WiFi from stealing your access codes and walking through your system at will.


  • Secure Coding for MultiValue

    Closing firewalls, email filtering, passwords, encryption, SSL, injection attacks — welcome to running with the big dogs. As MultiValue systems move into mainstream environments and become part of the enterprise's multi-platform, customer facing business solutions, we find ourselves having to deal with and defend against the same types of attacks our non-MultiValue partners have been plagued with. While there is a lot of literature about these issues available, unfortunately the MultiValue platform is not usually the topic of these discussions. This article is a start in closing that gap.


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