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4GL Spotlight: Evoke


This is the first in a series of articles about systems which write code for you. While that sort of technology has existed for decades, there have been vast improvements in recent years. Each installment of the 4GL Spotlight will offer you details about some of the current offerings.

Today I had a chance to talk to Bob Markowitz and Simon Theobold of BlueFinity about Evoke.

Spectrum: When I first started talking to Bob about this interview series and I refered to Evoke as a 4GL (Fourth Generational Language) he felt that understated it and undersold it.

Bob: Evoke is a develop-once, deploy-everywhere, platform that happens to work with MultiValue, SQL, Oracle, and lots of other databases out there. Evoke is low-code, no-code. That means that the tool itself generates an app which will run on all devices without the need for any hand coding.

Spectrum: When you say all devices, are you talking about PCs and Macs? Web-only?


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