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UniVerse and Python - it's here!


Some months back I wrote in Spectrum about Rocket's plans for introducing Python into UniVerse and UniData. Well, the wait is over because the release of UniVerse 11.3.1 — according to some at Rocket the biggest release they have ever done — is here.

So first off — a big 'well done' for getting it out the door.

I know I'm often critical of the product — I carp because I care — so it's great have the chance to give praise where it's due. 11.3 is a milestone release and one that promises interesting times ahead.

Whilst there are other changes, it's the introduction of Python that stands out. Not merely as a client language but as a fully-fledged server language sitting alongside UniBasic. This is a huge step forward not just for Rocket but for MultiValue in general.

Why Python Matters

We have not seen a new language adopted server side — well, not since Dick Pick added mvBasic all those years ago. Some brave souls may have embraced RPL (whose history predates Basic) or ALL in the old days. We have had 4GLs and domain specific languages galore — including my own, of course, in the shape of the mvTest, mvScript and mvStudio products.


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