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Using OWIN Security with MultiValue Data - Part 2


In my last article, I explained a little bit about what OWIN was, and the basic setup of how to create a connection between an OWIN application and a MultiValue framework. This article is mainly focused on using OWIN's identity/security framework.

Quick Review

ApplicationDBContext — This class does all the work of connecting to the database and making the subroutine calls to return or update data.

ApplicationUser — This class is used to hold information about the user, making it available for the rest of the OWIN Identity system. This class will call the subroutine, in out case SPECTRUM.OWIN.USER, and return a dynamic array of information about the user.


Now that you have the basis for the ApplicationUser class, you have to implement the ApplicationUserStore class. This class does most of the work connecting the data from the subroutine SPECTRUM.OWN.USER, with the rest of the Identity system.

This is where the OWIN Identity System gets a little ugly. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided to create a very granular identity system. This specifically addresses the biggest complaint about previous frameworks: They were either too cumbersome to implement and user, or too subtle to customize to individual needs.


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