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From the Inside March/April 2018


Welcome to the International Spectrum 2018 Conference!

For those that are here in Florida, Welcome, Enjoy… I'm sure you and I will be talking throughout the conference. There's a lot of material and plenty of networking opportunities.

For those that were unable to make it, we don't want you to feel left out. The good news is that Spectrum 2018 is actually two events in one: live and on-demand. Attendees get access to both but the on-demand portion is also available for the rest of our community.

You see, during the conference we record what is projected by the speakers along with the audio of the presentations. These recordings then are provided to our conference attendees to view afterwards, on-demand.

Many times, an attendee will see something at the conference they want to implement but don't get a chance to do this until months down the road. For those of you here at the live conference, you get access to the on-demand content as part of your attendance to the live conference.

For those that can't make it, we also offer access to just the on-demand content. So if you are restricted by budget or time, you can still see many of the sessions. This is not as good as attending in person, since you can't ask questions or talk with other attendees but it still provide you with needed educational materials.

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