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Compressing Traffic for UniObjects


One of my clients has been looking at a particular pinch point in their application: fetching potentially large volumes of data for presentation in a data-bound grid.

As well as the usual issues of building data, and it lacked parallelism. It runs a selection, grabs the data, transfers it and then builds a DataSet — all serial and with plenty of options for asynchronous building to improve the overall response.

Additionally, the physical architecture at one of their customers' sites means that what can be large volumes of traffic being transferred over the UniObjects protocol from their server is slow. The data itself should be highly amendable to compression so the question came — could I find some way to compress this?

If you look at the members of the old Session object, there is a compression flag. That might seem like a good starting point but it is not settable . It is also conspicuously missing from the U2 Data Provider for .NET, suggesting that it was a hoped-for extension that never got built. So, no go there.


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