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Business Tech: UI/UX Part V


Next issue we'll get on to a new topic, however, I do have some final thoughts to share on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

Help Doc!!!

UI/UX isn't just about coding. While it is nice to add screenshots to a help document, I like to go a step further and use a little bit of HTML to create flipbooks.

Like a wizard, which guides you through a process, a flipbook is a series of pages which act like a walk-through for your software. Emphasizing the visual by making the screenshots the centerpiece of the help, instead of just tacking them on at the end, speeds up comprehension. If we want our work to be appreciated, we need to make the people who use it successful.

Of course, because we create flipbooks in HTML, adding links to related help, or to online resources becomes trivial. The goal with help, as it is with software, is to make things work in a way which makes sense.


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