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Business Tech: UX/UI Part I


My green screen does what I like, and I like what it does. I've used that line in presentations. Not because I feel that way, but because I understand that feeling. There is something comforting about living in a 24x80 world. You can't be expected to do much that's new or different in how the software looks on the screen. You get to concentrate on the engine work, the power of the application. GUI, HTML, smart phones, etc., these push the needle more toward form and less toward function. What's an engineer to do when we also have an obligation to be artists?

Non-artists tend to think of art as a world without rules. Oddly enough, it is quite the opposite. Art is endlessly subdivided into genres, styles, movements. Those names build a constraint around each type of art. While novels in Science Fiction and Romance are both collections of words, the reason we call them by different names is because the rules for each are different. Art is about playing within the rules in addition to playing against the rules. In that way, it is very much like programming.


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