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International Spectrum

2017 Conferece Recap Pictures


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  • 2010 International Spectrum Conference Feedback

    Company: International Spectrum

    In previous issues we have usually published a recap of what happened at that year's International Spectrum Conference, sometimes giving a summary of the various sessions. These days, that information is available on the web site. So instead of repeating it, this year we focused on the attendess and asked some of them what they thought.

  • 2011 International Spectrum Conference Feedback

    Company: International Spectrum

    As we did last year, we decided it would be more interesting to you to hear what attendees at the conference had to say rather than what we thought of it. In these three interviews we hear the opinions of both seasoned MultiValue developers and a newcomer to our database.

  • 2016 Spectrum Conference Recap Video

    Company: International Spectrum

    Wonder what was happening at the 2016 Spectrum Conference?

  • Clif Notes: Why I go to Spectrum (It Ain't for the Ice Cream)

    Company: Modern MultiValue, LLC

    A while back, Charles Barouch posed a question on the Pick Users Group on LinkedIn asking people who were not planning on attending the International Spectrum Conference, "Why not?" As you would suspect, this topic immediately caught my eye.

  • From the Inside July/August 2011

    Company: International Spectrum

    It is the time of year that I start planning for the next Spectrum conference. If you haven't seen the ad for the 2012 Spectrum, it will be Apr 2nd-5th in West Palm Beach, FL. We are having it at the same venue as the 2011 conference, so if you are a golfer, make sure you bring your clubs.

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International Spectrum