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Business Tech: AI and DSS: Part II


Dystopia is the term used for any number of bleak, failed societies. In Science Fiction, computers, robots, and evil algorithms - AI (Artificial Intelligence) and DSS (Decision Support Systems) being two examples - are often to blame. The emphasis is generally on dehumanizing us by reducing our society to the data which describes it. Personally, I blame SQL.

To be serious, SQL is designed around the idea that optimizing data means optimizing the digital use of data. It is not designed for you, my organic friend.

What if we take a more human approach to data? Well, if you want data that has a human touch, we have plenty of options. NVP (Name-Value Pairs) offer a readable - human readable - label with each jot of data. Formalize that a bit and you are in the realm of XML and JSON. These three are certainly not machine optimized. They are people-centric, focusing on clarity to the reader over mathematical minimalism. If the AI uprising is your fear, your best defense is to skew the rules toward… well… us.

What About MultiValue?


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