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Email from U2 Hold Files as PDFs


Many years ago, my client wanted to start emailing reports from our UniVerse systems. We had several ksh scripts that tried to build the headers for using Unix mail to send them out. Each time a new report was dreamed up, a new script was requested. After four or five of these that only sort-of worked, I started to look for a better way. One of the problems was that PCs had become a major tool and when employees would try to look at the reports on their PC it wasn't usually a pleasant experience.

Printing those emailed reports was even worse. I decided that we were missing a valuable tool because we were ignoring the PCs and what they could do for the employee. While talking to one of my Unix admins, he came up with a tool to convert text into a PDF.

In Solaris there is postprint and in Linux there is enscript . I wrote a small script that my developers could call so that they could convert any text into a PDF [Figure 1]


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