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SBClient: Execute Windows Command on Workstation


The following code will allow a MultiValue BASIC routine to execute a Windows/DOS command on the Workstation that is running SBCLIENT, SB/XA Browser Client, and SB/XA Rich Client.

CALL TU.EXECUTE.SHELL(command,option)

option = Additional Arguments to send to the command line.
'P' - Special command for DOS command lines. Do not convert '/' to '\'

command = This is the command line information to execute. This includes additional metadata to support window sizes and state.

EXECUTE.TYPE = "+" ;* - = Run DOS command, Suspend SBClient until complete.
;* + = Run Windows command, suspend SBCLIENT until complete.
;* & = Start Windows Command, and return to SBCLIENT.
WINDOW.STATE = "1" ;* 0 - Run the Program, but hide the window
;* 1 - Run the program, normal windows
;* 2 - Run the program, Minimized window
;* 3 - Run the program, Maximized Window
DOS.CMD = DOS.CMD : "c:\windows\notepad.exe"


Open Web Brower on Workstation:

URL = "HTTP://www.google.com/"
DOS.CMD = "+1"


# # #          # # #          # # #


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