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Calls May Be Recorded for Quality Assurance: Using MultiValue to Manage Multimedia


The Challenge

Sunrise Credit was facing a technical challenge. They had everything they needed to succeed — the data, the audio files, the technology, the people — but none of it was organized for ease of use. It was my task to take MVON Express and use it to bring order to the various parts.

The goal was simple: produce a two page website for a select number of internal experts. The first page would allow them to login and trigger a query. The second page would display the results. Sounds easy, right? The devil, as you know, is in the details.

The data for this project was in CSV (Comma-separated value) format. There are tools for treating CSV as a database. There are tools for populating virtually any database from a CSV source. Half a day to load and test… we should be ready for our next task by lunchtime. Except that the CSV source is thousands and thousands of separate CSVs. And, by the way, each one is embedded in its own ZIP file. Oh, and there will be at least a dozen new CSVs every business day.


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