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Data Encryption at Rest


Files containing wireless contracts, customer names, customer addresses, and credit card details were found in a recycling bin. Personal data — 3.3 million names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers — have been exposed due to stolen portable media devices.

Do I have your attention now?

Data security issues should be of concern to anyone managing data, particularly when it contains PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or credit card information. This article will show you how Reality solves these concerns and minimizes the risk of data falling into the wrong hands using its Data Encryption at Rest functionality.

What is Data Encryption at Rest?

This term is used for any data that is physically encrypted and stored on some sort of medium — such as a hard drive, thumb drive or even a magnetic tape — and is decrypted on-the-fly when an authorized user unlocks the data using a defined key to access it.

Reality's Data Encryption at Rest is integrated into its user-based security system, making it very easy to administer. We provide tools for managing the keys that unlock your encrypted data. So let's start by reviewing that security model.


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