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OpenInsight Data Encryption at REST


OpenInsight incorporates a new encryption service that system administrators can deploy to encrypt (on a field by field level) data in OpenInsight. The data will be encrypted at REST (Representational State Transfer) using industry standard encryption routines. Clients and the encryption service use the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to communicate, thus allowing the data to be encrypted in transit. Through the use of an Encryption Server (normally, but not necessarily, the same machine as the Universal Driver server), each OpenInsight workstation seamlessly and securely encrypts data for storage when written into an encrypted volume.

The metadata and actual table contents are stored on the encryption server using an AES encryption algorithm with a key size of 256 and two key iterations. For more information on this type of encryption see:


Configuration of the Encryption Server

One or more Windows Groups are assigned to one or more Encryption Server Roles provided with the Encryption Server. The people who can assign groups to the other roles must be members of the Role Manager groups. Members of the groups in the Server Manager roles can change the encryption settings on the server. Table Manager groups contain the people who can define or change the encryption settings on tables. Members of the groups that are in the Assign Impersonators role can programmatically set which group they wish to impersonate.


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