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U2 Replication: An Overview of our Scalable and Robust High Availability Solution


Ten years ago the necessity for a true 24x7x365 environment was regarded as the exclusive right of high-end enterprise-level systems and applications. Since that time, the industry and customer requirements have moved forward, and we have all come to rely on such systems in our day-to-day lives. Consequently many of our customers' applications developed on Rocket Software's UniVerse are now required to deliver this level of availability. Prior to the release of UniVerse v11.1 this would have been achieved using a combination of hardware-assisted replication and the Transaction Logging capabilities of UniVerse.

With UniVerse v11.1, Rocket has dramatically increased UniVerse's ability to provide a highly-scalable, robust 24x7x365 environment.

How Is This Achieved in UniVerse v11.1?

11.1 includes U2 Replication, which is based upon the proven field-tested UniData Replication. The transaction logging capabilities of UniVerse can be used to complement U2 Replication, but is not a mandatory requirement for deployment.

What is U2 Replication?

U2 Replication provides an automated, scalable, robust method of delivering read-only copies of UniVerse files and their transactions from one data server to other servers, and also allows the propagation of various account level operations such as compilation and cataloguing of programs, and the creation and deletion of files between the data servers.


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