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Replacing Legacy Reporting with U2 DataVu


We all know what they look like: hard-to-read reports with mono-spaced fonts and — aside from the columns of text and the occasional company header — completely barren. More often than not, customers must log into a terminal session in order to generate, print, or view the reports. These reports are almost never available in easily consumable or distributable formats such as PDF.

Today's users expect their information to be ready to use and available over the web or sent directly to their inbox. They want well-presented, professional reports that can be taken to a board meeting at a moment's notice. Using U2 DataVu, it is easier than you may realize to provide sleek reports to customers both online and via e-mail.

U2 DataVu allows you to query a UniData/UniVerse database to create and distribute visual reports that are not restricted to column and row text. It equips you with the ability to design your reports graphically and include images (such as page and/or report headers) as well as embedding charts.

It is important to overcome current limitations, particularly when migrating legacy Pick systems to systems such as Rocket U2 that have more advanced toolsets available. For example, if a current report is generated nightly and is automatically spooled to hardcopy, now can be an ideal time to change the report so that it is automatically e-mailed to everyone who requires it.


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