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Creating Breakthrough MultiValue Applications


Breakthrough applications are solutions that dominate markets, destroying the competition by providing unique functionality. They are the applications that customers clamor for, and that developers dream of creating. This article will examine the characteristics and technology demands of breakthrough applications including why we need them, what defines them, and how MultiValue developers can build them.

The Case for Breakthrough Applications

It's very simple. The major benefit to having breakthrough applications is that they increase revenue. Revenue growth is strategic to any organization. Top line growth enables an organization to solve almost any problem, while lack of growth is likely to create problems. Consumers want the productivity benefits and ease-of-use that breakthrough applications provide. They are willing to pay for these deliverables, so creating a breakthrough application will have a positive effect on your top line.

It is equally simple to identify the major risk associated with not having breakthrough applications — your customers may abandon you. Most consumers of your software are already using smart hand-held connected devices and getting immediate answers to the questions that are on their minds at the time. They use downloaded "apps" on their phones and tablets to find a restaurant within walking distance, check movie times at near-by theatres, comparison shop by scanning bar codes, etc. That being the case, users expect the same kind of experience when using corporate applications, whether in the office or in the field. If your application doesn't deliver the utility, immediacy, and ease-of-use they have become accustomed to, your customers may find a competitor's breakthrough application that does.


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