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The MITS Discover product line includes several software components for adding OLAP Business Intelligence to your existing MultiValue system. For more information on the new features of MITS Discover 7.0, click here.

MitsServer is the central processing component of MITS Discover and controls the activity in all of the MITS Discover clients. The main functions of MitsServer are to perform the transformation of extracted operational data into MITS hypercubes and to interpret and process requests from any of the MITS Discover clients listed below.

MitsView enables MITS OLAP / data mining in a desktop GUI environment using Windows-oriented navigation and presentation. MitsView works with MitsServer in a Client/Server environment. MitsView is the freeware viewer for MITS Discover.

MitsWeb / MitsWeb Gateway
MitsWeb provides exploration of MITS Discover applications in a browser environment. MitsWeb requires only three pieces to operate: MitsServer, MitsWeb Gateway, and a browser. MitsWeb Gateway establishes and handles the connections between the browsers and MitsServer. The browser is where the user interacts with the MITS data. MitsWeb makes it possible to view MITS Discover data on any computer that may not have MITS Discover software installed.

MitsWeb Dashboard
MitsWeb Dashboard is an optional addition to MitsWeb. The Dashboard enables individuals to track key metrics of an organization at a glance and allow rapid research directly into the underlying analysis, all the way down to the supporting operational data. MitsWeb Dashboard presents key metrics from MITS Hypercubes in addition to optionally showing information directly from operational data. The MitsWeb Dashboard Organizer is designed to be used by all skill levels to quickly and efficiently create a dashboard for individual use.

MitsAdmin is used for a variety of functions in the administration of the MITS Discover System. These are: MitsServer and MitsSecurity option activation, MITS User Security maintenance, Process Scheduling and running various MITS server commands.

MitsMaker is a Windows-based desktop client that allows the user to design and create Hypercube from operational source data. MitsMaker captures the hypercube specifications and generates data extraction/transformation/loading (ETL) routines allowing the user to develop highly customized applications to suit specific internal reporting or research requirements. MitsMaker creates stand-alone MITS Hypercube interfaces that are placed within MitsServer. Because of this, MitsMaker is not needed for the continued MITS hypercube transformation but only for the initial design and implementation of the MITS Hypercube.

Current News:

  • Case Study: Johnstone Supply, The Ware Group, Inc. and MITS Discover 7.1

    (Sunday, August 16, 2009) - The Ware Group uses MITS Discover to gain valuable insights that aren’t available with a transactional view of the data. "We do a lot of transactions in Eclipse," says Don Livingston, the company’s VP of Finance and IT. "But with MITS we do things that can’t easily be done with standardized reporting - refining our pricing and selling practices, and launching initiatives aimed at improving how our business performs. The flexible reporting and analysis we do with MITS makes those things possible."


  • Data Management Associates Inc. to Offer MITS Solutions to their MACH Software Users

    (Monday, November 10, 2008) - MITS and Data Management Associates Inc announce a new reseller agreement aimed at providing business intelligence capabilities and advanced reporting to their MACH Software clients.


  • COA Solutions and MITS Partnership Enables Patient-Level Analytics

    (Monday, January 1, 0001) - A partnership between COA Solutions and Management Information Tools, Inc. (MITS) is enabling patient-level resource management analytics, helping managers and theater (operating room) staff in healthcare organizations to operate their business units with greater efficiency.




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