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BlueFinity International

Website: http://www.bluefinity.com/

BlueFinity International, part of the Mpower1 group of companies, supplies leading-edge software development tools and consultancy services to the MultiValue database and Microsoft developer communities.

Founded in 2002, BlueFinity has created a series of products. Its flagship product - Evoke is a no code/low code rapid app development platform (RADP/MADP) designed to provide for the fast development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps for MultiValue and SQL database platforms. Evoke allows developers to build business apps and extend enterprise applications in a fraction of the time and cost of regular methods. All regular devices are supported including the iPad, iPhone and watches; Android and Windows phones, tablets and watches plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop.


The MultiValue Database Developers and User Conference 2018

Destin, FL
April 23rd-26th 2018


BlueFinity is a leading-edge software supplier providing solutions to international MultiValue and SQL operations for over 15 years. BlueFinity's premier product is Evoke, a cost effective rapid app development platform that provides the complete environment for your existing staff to design, develop and deploy your apps across multiple devices (IOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops). Evoke allows you to confidently create web, hybrid and even native apps through Visual Studio and Xamarin projects, and to fully integrate and synchronize with existing back-end systems and a wide array of both SQL and MultiValue databases.


Title: RADP/MADP, An Introduction to Evoke
Speaker: Bob Markowitz
BlueFinity International
Date/Time: Tuesday 10:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 2

Evoke from BlueFinity is a Mobile App Development Platform that provides for the fast development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps that operate across, and fully integrate with, all types of SQL and MultiValue databases.

Evoke allows for the creation of new business apps and extends enterprise applications in a fraction of the time of other methods. Based on a single design and code base Evoke supports the deployment of Apps across multiple platforms and devices including the iPad, iPhone, watches, Android and Windows phone plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktop as web, hybrid or native Apps.

Current News:


  • Silverlight-enable Your MultiValue Database Application

    Most people who use the Internet are aware of Microsoft's Silverlight browser plug-in. Much more than just another way to watch online movies, Silverllight provides a platform within which large portions of applications can be developed. Find out more about this latest web architecture and how and mv.NET enables you to tie it in to your MultiValue data.



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