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Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Website: http://www.ladybridge.com

Ladybridge Systems was founded in 1992 by former Prime Computer personnel and is headquartered in Hardingstone, Northampton, England. The primary activity of the company is the OpenQM multivalue database for which Zumasys were appointed as worldwide sales and marketing partner in January 2015. Ladybridge Systems also provide training, consultancy, development, and maintenance services to MultiValue databases in the UK and worldwide. Ladybridge Systems remains a small privately owned company, offering a personal level of service to clients around the world.


The MultiValue Database Developers and User Conference 2016

Litchfield Park, AZ
April 11th-14th 2016


Booth No: 6

UK based Ladybridge Systems are the developers of the OpenQM MultiValue database product but also provide training and consultancy services to UK companies that use MultiValue databases.


Title: An Overview of OpenQM
Speaker: Martin Phillips
Ladybridge Systems Ltd
Date/Time: Tuesday 1:30 PM-2:30 PM
Room 1

You've heard of OpenQM but just what is it and is it relevant to your business? This session is a largely non-technical overview of OpenQM, exploring how it provides an application environment that is highly compatible with other MultiValue products but also extends the model to add features that ensure MultiValue continues to be relevant in today's business applications. If you need a high quality, low cost multivalue environment, this session is for you.

Title: What’s New in OpenQM?
Speaker: Martin Phillips
Ladybridge Systems Ltd
Date/Time: Wednesday 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 1

This session will review some of the newer features of OpenQM, explore some features that you might have missed, and look a little at what is planned for future releases.

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