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Over two decades of MultiValue development experience and dozens of customer implementations have honed PRC® into a complete and robust Software Configuration Management Tool for U2 and Multivalue applications, including SB+ and Redback development.

SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc. has the experience, training and education to help you implement a complete life-cycle management strategy to improve your product, delivery, support and integrity whether your goal is compliance with IT governance such as Sarbanes Oxley or just a little more in-house control.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Solving complex (and less complex) development management issues, before they become problems, is our specialty and smart solutions at happy customer sites is our legacy.

Current News:


  • Big Data

    Everybody is talking about Big Data. But a lot of people have trouble defining exactly what that means. Are we talking about "tons and tons" of data? (Volume) Are we talking about terabytes of data that is changing every few minutes? (Velocity) do we capture it in a traditional data warehouse or some other structure? And what tools are available to process this stuff? Here is an overview of some of the problems that big data presents and a couple of tools that have been developed to deal with them.


  • Clear Message Initiative

    In the early days of Data Processing, the only way you had of telling the operator what kind of error had occurred was to put an error number into a particular register and halt the machine. That error code would then be displayed on the front panel lights. The development of interactive systems brought alphanumeric displays and error codes followed by a terse description. But even in the user-friendly world of MultiValue, many programmers have not gotten beyond [3] Verb?


  • Clear Message Initiative

    While thinking about New Year Resolutions for the MultiValue community, we remembered this article we published in the January-February 2011 issue of Spectrum magazine. It seemed like the sort of idea that would either make a good resolution or spark the thought processes that could lead to one. So we got Susan's permission to re-print it in this issue. We have just one question. In the last three years, how many of you have gotten beyond the "[3] Verb?" style of error messages?


  • Code Review

    Code review is a hot-button topic for many programmers. You probably already know the arguments against. Susan Joslyn takes up the cause. Let her inspire you to make it part of your project lifecycle.


  • Secure Coding for MultiValue

    Closing firewalls, email filtering, passwords, encryption, SSL, injection attacks — welcome to running with the big dogs. As MultiValue systems move into mainstream environments and become part of the enterprise's multi-platform, customer facing business solutions, we find ourselves having to deal with and defend against the same types of attacks our non-MultiValue partners have been plagued with. While there is a lot of literature about these issues available, unfortunately the MultiValue platform is not usually the topic of these discussions. This article is a start in closing that gap.


  • The Rock and the Hard Place: Parallel and Agile Development - Part 2: Agile Practices 2

    In today's world, users demand with new solutions to problems and changes to existing solutions faster than traditional software engineering methodologies can produce them. The old tried and true methods simply do not work anymore. So what are we to do? Just write code for whoever screams the loudest? Agile practices help provide a balance between planning, communication with users, and doing just what needs to be done to get the next piece of functionality accomplished.


  • The Rock and the Hard Place: Parallel and Agile Development Part 3: Must We Choose?

    This last installment in this series on parallel and agile development methodologies explores some of the well-known Agile schools of thought and offers some suggestions for how to choose — or combine — the ones that are right for you.


  • The Rock and the Hard Place: Parallel and Agile Development — Part 1: Parallel Development

    In our fast-paced, modern, development environments, the old data processing methodologies are disappearing. Large, up-front design and development techniques can no longer meet the delivery requirements of today's fast-paced, rapidly changing, user demands and competitive pressures. Like it or not, MultiValue shops need to embrace the concepts of both parallel and agile development.


  • User Interface Design: Defacto Standards and Unicorns

    The green screen may be dead, but graphical user interfaces bring with them their own set of issues. Because of their flexibility, a set of GUIbased programs in an application written by different programmers, each with their own opinion and style, can be even more difficult to understand, use, and navigate than the old green screens. But do user interface standards appear magically?



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