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Kore Technologies

Website: http://www.koretech.com

Kore Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise integration, business intelligence and eCommerce Web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Founded in 1999 as a professional services and software development company, Kore specializes in providing business-to-business connectivity and best-in-class product integration with its flagship product--Kourier Integrator. Leveraging this technology, and Kore's extensive experience with enterprise applications and database systems, Kore delivers solutions for integrating disparate applications, building data warehouses, and developing business intelligence solutions.

Current News:


  • Experts - Data Mining

    There are many IT topics that work inside and outside the MultiValue Databases. One topic that has been around in various forms is Data Mining. In this issue we interviewed an expert in social media data mining, and how it is used, along with their impression of MultiValue technologies. Along with our outside expert, we queried our MultiValue Marketplace and asked how they are using the technology.


  • Marketing Basics for MultiValue: How to Market without a Marketing Background

    Not all of us have Marketing Departments. If your marketing is do-it-yourself, you should be reading this to learn about all the latest marketing terms and what they mean to your business.



5186 Carroll Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 858-678-0030


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