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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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ERC 2.0 is a highly productive, intuitive and rules-based advanced generation RADD/IDE portal and vortal development and deployment environment for organizing, managing and deploying significant and highly variable content, including mash-ups and embedded applications. ERC 2.0 utilizes internal rules to control who can see what, when and where all within a standard browser. It is unique since the internal rules engine and security constraints provide the technology to dynamically build portal's, user interfaces, mash-ups and web pages.

Its underlying dynamic generator eliminates the need for software engineers to manually write the majority of the HTML code required for portal, content and application deployment. ERC 2.0 is an extreme productivity tool and force multiplier that includes forms and report generators for rapid development and deployment portals, vortals, content management and applications. ERC 2.0 is also capable of including, accessing and enhancing existing web-based business, security and/or scientific applications.

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