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The 1MAGE Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful digital content management system which provides a comprehensive solution for the scanning, indexing, storing, and retrieving of document images.

It is designed to file, route, track, archive, and manage an organizations incoming and outgoing documents and digital content.

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A Document Management System benefits different companies in different ways including cost reduction, labor efficiency, and revenue protection. For many businesses, a single facet of the DbFS Document Management System will provide full cost recovery of the entire system.

DbFS provides standard document management functionality and capabilities, but it goes beyond the typical systems with high utilization of barcodes combined with unique filing routines for specialized handling of a wide range of document set types. DbFS also excels at database integration for validation and filing of data by closely integrating with leading software applications and databases. We welcome the opportunity to extend the capabilities of the system to accommodate the specialized aspects of various industries and businesses to create the best value and highest quality solution.

We offer integrated solutions including hardware. This includes our unique compact high capacity server with fault tolerant mirrored drives and cloud backup of data. In additional to standard purchase, we offer a Monthly Rental plan with Zero Investment, Installation and Setup costs which provides any business the opportunity to achieve savings from the first month of operation without incurring significant investment for a high performance system with advanced technology.

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