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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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DockMaster offers a comprehensive suite of integrated software tools designed specifically for the Marine Industry. As business managers, you need the ability to track every operation for accurate forecasting and cost controls. DockMaster helps you to manage all of your profit centers and their workflow. From the simplest POS transaction or office report to 1000+ item work-orders and packaged boat deals, DockMaster gives its users the ability to track every action in the system easily. An integrated report generator and accounting package allow users to view summary information to make the decisions that count. Find out how DockMaster has been helping Marine Facilities grow their businesses and increase profitability for over 23 years.

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KEY-POS includes Point-of-Sale, Inventory, Accounting and Management modules. The system can employ a high degree of automation including bar code scanning, automatic PLU, on-account credit limits, automatic billing, customer special pricing and more. Transaction processing includes; sales, refunds, voids, backorders, special orders and layaways. Pop up search windows for customers, inventory, accounts and help. KEY-POS is the most complete, full-featured and powerful system available in it's price range. It is extraordinarily easy to learn and use and is constantly being enhanced.

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Getting valuable financial information from point A to point B can be a risky venture. Accuracy and timeliness are always a vital issue. Fortunately for you, POS-Connect ties all your point-of-sale systems directly in with your business office-in real-time. No more vouchers. No more duplicate data entry. No more wondering if the funds are really available. You can be secure in the knowledge that the information you see is always current.

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s your point-of-sale system making your life more complicated than it needs to be? Do you maintain separate databases to keep track of daily transactions? Do you upload sales numbers into separate accounting systems to run reports, update inventory and analyze retail business data? Are you frustrated because your POS system doesn't interface directly to your web store? Do you spend more time jumping from system to system than doing what you really like...building your business and interacting with customers? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you need an integrated system to help run your operation cost effectively and more efficiently. But who do you turn to?

Enter SmartPOS, the most comprehensive retail management system on the market today! With SmartPOS you get all the features you need to manage your retail business smoothly, the way you should. Take a look at our features and benefits below to see why SmartPOS is the point-of-sale system of choice for so many retail customers.

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With TotaLink, you can create the capabilities your customer requires. Our developer kit gives you the tools you need to be the hero. Our robust APIs will help you save the day. Take a look at what we include.

Robust API's:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • WSDL (Web Service)
  • Multi-Value
  • Custom

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RATEX is the comprehensive, flexible, and powerful retail management system designed to help college and university stores run all facets of their business more efficiently and more profitably.

For more than 20 years, RATEX has been the system of choice for leading collegiate retailers, including Cornell University, University of Connecticut, University of Colorado, Boulder, Brigham Young University, and the University of California, San Diego.

More than just software, RATEX is a total business solution. It integrates all store operations, including open-to-buy, inventory planning, accounting, and point-of-sale processes. RATEX also features:

  • Multi-store functionality, making it the only retail management system you need no matter how many store locations you manage
  • Robust, scalable technology, to meet your business needs no matter how large or complex your business becomes
  • 20 individual business modules, so you can build and customize the system to suit your store

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