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Are you in control of your textbook cycle? Does your current system allow you to set up course master files, receive faculty textbook requests, and track textbook shipments, physical inventories, sales, returns, buyback and all its associated historical data? Are you feeling buried by the sheer volume of data youre dealing with? Are you considering outsourcing your operation because of the headaches associated with it?

You dont need to be drastic and outsource your textbook operation. That would be giving all your profit to someone else to do what you can do and is not always the best solution. There is a better way to deal with the textbook management problems youre currently facing! We call it SmartText our textbook management solution. With SmartText you get a real-time integrated solution that will make you more efficient and cost effective. With SmartText, youll always be "in the know" concerning every aspect of your textbook cycle. Take a look at the benefits and features listed below.

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Now you can streamline and manage large trade book departments to maximize profits and meet customer needs by keeping the right inventory mix in a constantly changing world.

  • EDI-Based Purchase Orders
  • Cascading Purchase Orders
  • Integrated Receiving
  • Charge-backs & Returns
  • Streamlined Data Entry
  • Custom Formatted Book Labels
  • Real-Time e-Commerce Integration
  • Bowker Books-In-Print

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