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Reality V15.1 has been released

The Reality V15.1 has been released for both Linux and Windows platforms.

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Release Date: Monday, February 17, 2014

The Reality V15.1 has been released for both Linux and Windows platforms. The following is a list of fixes found in this update:

  • Correct restore of non-Dptr items into SYSTEM.
  • Prevents error messages being displayed during verbs such as FIND when querying SQL-VIEW files for item-ids that do not obey SQL rules.
  • Solaris: Mount shadow fails fsck on zfs file system
  • Resize existing AFS files during ACCOUNT-RESTORE
  • Windows: Cannot create a database using realfstab
  • Prevents RIF abort when SQL compiles "SELECT *". Now reports "Column '*'' not found".
  • Add ability to import .reg file
  • Windows: realdump can hang trying to freeze the database
  • Enable mini web server to support % escape in URL and pdf documents.
  • Skip logoff messages when aborted by RDB
  • Correct problems with updates of partial indexes.
  • Fix sporadic issue where SP-JOBS fails to open jobs file
  • GET-LIST could display incorrect list length.
  • Allow PERFORM or EXECUTE to optionally input from dynamic array data.
  • Fix verification of multi clog save to remote tape
  • Enable HTTPS to access non validated server
    realprof fails to return any data
    realevent fails to send notification emails
  • Fix netadmin list all hosts with large number of hosts.
  • Enhance SYS-UPDATE error recovery.


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About NorthgateArinso

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.nps-​reality.com

About Reality

A MultiValue and relational(SQL)-enabled database, it allows users to maximise the use of existing technologies while ensuring their customers needs are met, now and in the future. While maintaining its virtual machine concept, Reality now has open interfaces - using integrated ODBC/JDBC SQL, Web Services, HTML, TCP/IP Sockets and simple extensions to DataBasic - an extended Dartmouth BASIC language with exceptional database and string handling abilities. Remote calls can also be made in order to provide integration with open Java applications and Microsoft Visual Basic/C/C++/C# and .net.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.nps-​reality.com

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