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Revelation to appear at June SAPUG Meeting

Mike Ruane, from Revelation Software, will be at SAPUG (Seattle Area Pick Users Group) in June.

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Phoenix 2019 - April 8th-11th
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Release Date: Monday, June 2, 2014

Mike Ruane, from Revelation Software, will be at SAPUG (Seattle Area Pick Users Group) in June.

Meeting topic is:

The Cloud is one of the hottest buzzwords right now, and it seems like everyone and their venture capitalist wants to get 'in the cloud'.

But, as database professionals, what does the cloud mean to us?

Mike Ruane, president of Revelation Software, will be offering a quick primer and presentation on cloud databases and the pros and cons of using them. He will also show one way to use a cloud database from OpenInsight, Revelation's MultiValue database tool. Attendees will see a real-time connection to a local version of Couchbase, and then a hosted, showing some of the functionality.


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About Revelation Software

Founded in 1982, Revelation Software delivers a suite of application development tools and companion services that take full advantage of leading network computing architectures, messaging, groupware, and client server platforms. Today, the company's flagship product OpenInsight is the only database development and application environment that provides both Windows and Java-based GUI s tools to develop and deploy web-based and client server applications that support native and relational XML, SQL, Lotus Notes and the leading legacy Multi-Value data sources such as Arev, Pick and IBM Universe. There are more than 1.5 million licensed users of Revelation products across 60,000 deployed sites worldwide. The company has offices in Westwood, New Jersey, as well as a European distributor in the United Kingdom, and an Asia Pacific subsidiary in Australia.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.revelation.com

About SAPUG - Seattle Area Pick User Group

SAPUG is for all developers, vendors, and end-users in the greater Seattle area who use Multi-Value (aka "Pick") databases. This includes Universe, UniData, Revelation, jBase, General Automation, Reality, Mentor, D3, Ultimate, etc.

There is no membership roster; all activities are self-funding, so we need your continued participation to keep SAPUG going.

SAPUG meetings are a perfect place to network, trade tips and ideas, and keep in touch with other users such as yourself.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.sapug.org

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