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U2 Product Release: wIntegrate v6.3.3

New features and bug fixes available.

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Phoenix 2019 - April 8th-11th
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Release Date: Friday, March 29, 2013

What's new for users:
* UWIN-648: Enhance licensing functionality
* UWIN-729: Column widths when importing data to Excel
* UWIN-1306: Migrate regression tests to new regression testing tool
* UWIN-1398: The license agreement is displayed during an upgrade
* UWIN-1406: Remove unnecessary files from the installer
* UWIN-1409: Improved performance when importing data to large XLSX files
* UWIN-1418: Improved dialogs to open saved settings
* UWIN-1439: Stopping a thin client session stuck in a loop
* UWIN-1445: Certify wIntegrate 6.3.3 on Windows Server 2012

What's new for developers:
* UWIN-165: The Editor supports lines of 32k in length
* UWIN-1466: DialogBox Panel script command has a new Stretch parameter

Resolved issues:
* UWIN-850: The program can exit immediately after startup
* UWIN-1146: Run ImportFile error with CHAR(128) and RawData format
* UWIN-1329: Starting the Administrator from the Service Control Program
* UWIN-1387: Object Model crashes with a null return dispatch pointer
* UWIN-1410: Spurious issue with the Windows 8 and Windows thin client font
* UWIN-1423: Editor format some code incorrectly
* UWIN-1424: Character 149 was not displayed properly
* UWIN-1426: In the Administrator, the Monitor End Group was not saved correctly
* UWIN-1452: The program crashed when tooltips were longer than 80 characters
* UWIN-1463: In the Java client, clicking menu option twice showed Script Monitor
* UWIN-1464: Small integers could be sent to the thin clients incorrectly
* UWIN-1472: Pasting text into the grid did not fire a cell-changed event


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About Rocket Software

Rocket Software (www.rocketsoftware.com) is a technology company that helps organizations in the MultiValue ecosystem modernize and optimize solutions to meet today's needs while extending the value of their technology investments for the future. Thousands of companies depend on Rocket to solve their most challenging business problems by helping them run their existing infrastructure and data, as well as extend those assets to take advantage of cloud, mobile, analytics, and other future innovations. Founded in 1990, Rocket is based in Waltham, Massachusetts with locations in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.rocketsoftware.com

About UniData

A MultiValue application platform for developing fast, flexible and secure applications

Organizations rely on Rocket UniData, a best-in-class of the MultiValue application platform, for scalable business apps that can evolve as needs change. As a stable, secure, fast data server engine with high availability and low administrative overhead, Rocket UniData is ideal for rapid development using modern tools. On-premises or in the cloud, UniData serves nearly a million users worldwide.

Performance by design

  • A unique and resilient architecture delivers performance advantages compared to traditional SQL databases
  • variable length records and tables within tables simplifies database design, eliminating the constraints of SQL normalization
  • using direct-read capabilities that result in fewer I/O operations than required by SQL, UniData is faster than many other databases
  • variable length records mean less data is transmitted within the entirety of the system which translates to:
    • more responsive mobile applications
    • more efficient replication (for disaster recovery, high availability and more)
  • Rapid development means rapid returns

    UniData includes multiple, easy-to-use programming languages (including Python) with multiple standard supplied interfaces (Node.js, .NET, Java, ODBC, JDBC, RESTful via JSON) for multi-tier solutions. Accelerate your teams productivity by selecting the best development tools based upon your staffs capabilities.

    Security is paramount

    Rocket embeds the most effective security standards for encryption technology deep within the data server, so your data is secure no matter its location, and whether in-transit or stored on disk.

    • SSL/TLS secures connections to the MultiValue server and encrypts data in transit for protection from snooping or eavesdropping. Third parties can also validate and accredit our cryptographic modules for FIPS 140-2 compliance.
    • Automatic data encryption ensures only trusted users with the encryption key can view data. Stolen data is rendered useless without the encryption key.
    • UniData also offers role-based security for users accessing the application. Required DBA maintenance to implement and maintain these capabilities is simple and efficient.

    For more information, visit http:/​/​www.rocketsoftware.com/​products/​rocket-​unidata

    About UniVerse

    Fast, flexible data management and app development for your enterprise

    Rocket UniVerse, a component of the MultiValue application platform, is a fast, flexible data server for developing enterprise apps. Its variable length, table-within-table architecture means speedy data access and low maintenance with user interfaces for Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Deployable to the cloud or on-premises, thousands of customers globally depend on UniVerse to run their businesses.

    Performance to spare

    • Extremely flexible data structures with high-performance data access, storage, and resource management capabilities
    • Industry-proven design with direct read capability means fewer I/O operations and faster access to data
    • Dynamically allocates available resource to maximize processing throughput of available resources

    UniVerse makes it easy for them to build for your success

    Powerful, easy-to-use programming languages with standard supplied interfaces (.NET, Java, ODBC, JDBC, RESTful with JSON) enable your programmers to become immediately productive in this fast environment.

    Efficiency and speed to market mean faster returns on your investment

  • Does not require a large administrative or programming staff to implement, operate, or maintain
  • Accelerates the time to value for applications, and provides exceptional short- and long-term ROI
  • Includes multiple programming languages, including Python, with multiple interfaces for your tiered architecture so you can pick and choose the best development solutions based upon your staffs capabilities
  • Secure and auditable

    • SSL/TLS secures connections to the data server, in addition to securing data in transit from snooping or eavesdropping.
    • Automatic data encryption makes it easy to adhere to the highest security standards, protecting data at rest on the disk.
      • Only trusted users with the encryption key can view data, and stolen data is rendered useless without the encryption key.
      • Access is granted at the user or group level via role-based security, reducing the time required for DBA maintenance.

    For more information, visit http:/​/​www.rocketsoftware.com/​products/​rocket-​universe

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