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Austin Health successfully converts to CACHÉ

Melbourne healthcare provider Austin Health has moved key applications to the InterSystems CACHÉ.

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Release Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Healthcare provider Austin Health has moved key applications from a Reality-X platform, which developers had not touched in 10 years, to the InterSystems CACHÉ (R) high-performance object database, to take advantage of industry-leading CACHÉ MultiValue (MV) capabilities.

"CACHÉ has given us the opportunity to take an existing, 20-year-old application and migrate it to a contemporary platform that will support rapid development of new application enhancements. And, we're achieving these results in the most cost-effective way possible - CACHÉ is only a fraction of the growing cost of licensing the legacy database software. Finally, the support we've received from InterSystems has been amazing and we appreciate the opportunity to continue what is obviously a very successful working partnership."
- Paul Girdler, Application Services Manager at Austin Health

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About InterSystems

InterSystems CACHE' is a high performance object database that makes applications faster and more scalable. InterSystems Ensemble® is a seamless platform for integration and the development of connectable applications. InterSystems HealthShare™ is a platform that enables the fastest creation of an Electronic Health Record for regional or national health information exchange. InterSystems DeepSee™ is software that makes it possible to embed real-time business intelligence capabilities in transactional applications. InterSystems TrakCare™ is a Web-based healthcare information system that rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record. For more information, visit InterSystems.com.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.intersystems.com/​mv

About Cache

InterSystems has enhanced the Caché database with MultiValue data access. Caché natively supports MultiValue data files and dictionaries, a MultiValue query language, MultiValue Basic, PROCs, and more.

Not only do MultiValue applications run on Caché, but the skills that built those applications can be used throughout the InterSystems technology stack. MultiValue developers can take advantage of:

  • Object syntax in MultiValue Basic
  • Seamless SQL and object projections of data
  • Web services
  • InterSystems Zen technology for building rich, interactive Web interfaces
  • Advanced security features
  • Browser-based system management
  • InterSystems DeepSee for embedded real-time business intelligence
  • InterSystems Ensemble for integration and work flow

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.intersystems.com/​mv

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