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Open Source release of QM 2.8-2 is now available

Many new changes have been introduced to QM 2.8-2, including additional compatibility options.

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Release Date: Monday, January 1, 0001

Many new changes have been introduced to QM 2.8-2 , including additional compatibility options.

Release 2.8-0 renames the subfiles that form a dynamic hashed file. In earlier releases these were ~0, ~1, etc. They have been renamed to %0, %1, etc because two PC cleanup utilities have been indentified that incorrectly assume that any files with names commencing with a tilde are temporary items that can be deleted.

QM now attempts to use telnet negotiation to determine the terminal type in use for users entering QM directly from a network. If this fails, it then falls back on the previous method of using the TERM environment variable.

The Personal Version of QM now allows simulataneous use of one interactive session, one QMClient session and one phantom process.


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About Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Ladybridge Systems was founded in 1992 by former Prime Computer personnel and is headquartered in Hardingstone, Northampton, England. The primary activity of the company is the OpenQM multivalue database for which Zumasys were appointed as worldwide sales and marketing partner in January 2015. Ladybridge Systems also provide training, consultancy, development, and maintenance services to MultiValue databases in the UK and worldwide. Ladybridge Systems remains a small privately owned company, offering a personal level of service to clients around the world.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.ladybridge.com

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