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Kourier Integrator Release 4.4 Introduces API Subscriptions and Swagger Documentation

Product Announcement: Kourier Integrator, RESTful Web Services, API Subscriptions, Swagger, OpenAPI, Enterprise Application Integration

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Release Date: Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kore Technologies announced that Release 4.4 of its award-winning Kourier Integrator Data Management Suite is now generally available.

The primary focus for this release is to enhance Kourier Integrator's support for RESTful Web Services with the addition of API Subscriptions and Swagger API documentation. These advanced features support Kourier's mission of being the most complete and easiest to use real-time integration solution for MultiValue systems.

API Subscriptions strengthen Kourier's enterprise application integration capabilities by providing a new method for communication between disparate systems via the Webhooks paradigm. Kourier reduces the time and effort required to setup and implement Subscriptions for the MultiValue API developer and the API consumer. By subscribing to published APIs, integrating applications automatically receive notifications in real-time when there are changes to the data in the MultiValue system.

The addition of Swagger (OpenAPI) documentation to Kourier REST is also significant. As the emerging standard for REST documentation, it makes both API developers and consumers more productive. Developers can automatically generate interactive documentation from Kourier's REST Resources to help them visualize and test the interface during development. API consumers benefit from being able to quickly deploy integrations by converting Swagger API definitions into code for over 40 programming languages.


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About Kore Technologies

Kore Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise integration, business intelligence and eCommerce Web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Founded in 1999 as a professional services and software development company, Kore specializes in providing business-to-business connectivity and best-in-class product integration with its flagship product--Kourier Integrator. Leveraging this technology, and Kore's extensive experience with enterprise applications and database systems, Kore delivers solutions for integrating disparate applications, building data warehouses, and developing business intelligence solutions.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.koretech.com

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