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  • Spectrum 2017 Conference Recap

    International Spectrum 2017 was a hit with new and existing developers. See what you missed at this year's four days of education, networking, and fun. Also read about important industry talks that went on at the conference this year.


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  • Building A Modern Line-Of-Business Application Part 4: Identity Management

    This is part 4 in a series on exploring what it takes to build a Line-Of-Business application from scratch using the tools and features found in modern software technologies. In this article we explore identity management. What does it take to provide provide security, access management, and business discipline to the users of your software? Read Part 4 and find out.


  • From the Inside July/August 2016

    It is the time of year that I start planning for the next Spectrum conference. If you haven't yet seen the ad for the 2017 Spectrum, it will be May 1st-4th at The Wigwam in Litchfield Park, (Phoenix), Arizona. This is the same venue as the 2016 conference.


  • Business Tech: Flawgorithms

    I'm on Facebook, talking to Ross Morrissey, and we end up in a conversation about flawed assumptions in formulas. It started me thinking.


  • QM and VFS

    Sometimes MultiValue can be the complete solution. Sometimes we just use pieces. The database can be used without using mvBASIC or Proc. Or, you can code the middle in MultiValue and let SQL hold the data. Here's a success story with QM can playing that middle role.


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