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  • Augmented Reality in Business

    Many technological advancements have created new ways of doing business. Some are obvious, like the impact of the spreadsheet or the word processor. With Augmented Reality (AR), the business case is less clear. This article will talk about how Augmented Reality will be used in business and some of what sort of software changes you can expect.


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  • Smart Business Consulting Before Technical Consulting Ensures Success

    Often the technical people are blamed for failures they had no control over whilst overpriced vendors often walk away untouched. If we don't want to be one of these statistics, we need to stop the disaster before it starts. To do this we need to take the initiative in the business strategy before it gets to the technology discussion. This is why we need to engage in the business consultation process. David Jordan talks about this problem and the solutions to addressing it.


  • From the Inside: September/October 2016

    I've been talking to a lot of people about hiring Millennial developers again. It goes back to the whole "The Millennials are Coming" and "How to Keep Them" questions that we talked about at the 2016 Conference.


  • When You Hire

    It is easy to push off hiring onto the second tier. Bennett Barouch disagrees. He wants to impress upon us the importance of adding new people to your team — the right way.


  • Business Tech: Finding an Exit

    Bennett is covering hiring, so Business Tech is focused on the other side of the equation: the exit. Are your systems and procedures prepared to do things right? Remember, firing isn't the only way that people leave. You need to cover all the methods. If your company has employees, as most companies do, then join us in finding an Exit.


  • IS.HASH.SHA1: Generating SHA1 Values with Generic MultiValue BASIC

    In cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function designed by the United States National Security Agency and is a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard published by the United States NIST. SHA1 is used in many places to generate a unique Hash value representing a string or file. It is widely used in place of MD4 and MD5 hash because it has a more secure hash value. While not as secure as SHA256, it is still used in many places for data integrity, version control, and other features that need unique one-way signatures.


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