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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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Kore Technologies signature product line, Kourier, was the first of its kind for companies on the IBM U2 database (UniData/UniVerse). Designed for ERP integration and business automation, Kourier can breathe new life into your enterprise application (such as Manufacturing, Distribution, or Financial) through leveraging best-in-class products and solutions.

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The 1MAGE Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful digital content management system which provides a comprehensive solution for the scanning, indexing, storing, and retrieving of document images.

It is designed to file, route, track, archive, and manage an organizations incoming and outgoing documents and digital content.

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RATEX is the comprehensive, flexible, and powerful retail management system designed to help college and university stores run all facets of their business more efficiently and more profitably.

For more than 20 years, RATEX has been the system of choice for leading collegiate retailers, including Cornell University, University of Connecticut, University of Colorado, Boulder, Brigham Young University, and the University of California, San Diego.

More than just software, RATEX is a total business solution. It integrates all store operations, including open-to-buy, inventory planning, accounting, and point-of-sale processes. RATEX also features:

  • Multi-store functionality, making it the only retail management system you need no matter how many store locations you manage
  • Robust, scalable technology, to meet your business needs no matter how large or complex your business becomes
  • 20 individual business modules, so you can build and customize the system to suit your store

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Storefront Software and Portal Applications That Are Second To None!

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XLr8 Dictionary Editor is a program that allows you to see the entire dictionary in a single form. No more need to print out the dictionary to find and change the particular fields you want. You can do this from a single grid form.

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The GetQM add-in for Excel will help you access data from your QM Database easily and quickly.

You can view files and dictionaries with a single click, execute sentences and subroutines, obtain values, multivalues and subvalues without complications and many other things. All this from your spreadsheet, you will not need to leave Excel to have at your disposal all the power of QM in your documents.

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