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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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Oracle Gateway is a member of the Open System File Interface (OSFI) family of products. It allows D3 to read, write and select Oracle databases as if they were part of the D3 file system. D3 sees the Oracle database as D3 accounts, files and items. This driver creates a transparent transport mechanism between D3 and Oracle. Accessing Oracle data becomes as easy as accessing D3 data.

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Intelligent document creation for your MultiValue Application.

Capture and Convert Your Existing Documents
Convert your existing BASIC, SB+ and Enquiry reports without additional coding. Let mvPDF capture your print jobs and turn them into Adobe PDF documents, including PCL Codes and EPSON compatible barcodes.

Spruce up your legacy reports using the Page Designer to Create watermark pages and form layouts for a professional look - without the cost of pre-printed stationery - and print direct to your Windows printers.

Merge your Application Data
Let your users create their documents using dictionary driven mvPDF Merge Forms - using regular Enquiry syntax.

Experience the rich BASIC API
For the ultimate in control give your developers the mvPDF Document API.

Set text, graphics, images and barcodes using real time BASIC functions with full font and text metrics support.

Protect your Investments with Report Mining
Your existing reports represent a huge investment in time and knowledge.

Leverage that investment with the new mvPDF Report Mining: let mvPDF capture and rip the contents of your current reports to create new documents or for export.

Work Securely
Compress, encrypt and password protect your documents for distribution. Digitally sign the documents using X.509 certificates for proof of authorship.

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System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) lets you rapidly build robust business solutions. With SB/XA, you focus on modeling your business logic using high-level Tool and Process Definitions. Once you define your business rules, defaults and data validations, you can re-use them to bring consistency across your application.

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Making big business decisions just got easier-visualize all of your enterprise data from any source and maximize your business advantage. Understanding your data is critical to making the right business decisions. To efficiently operate your business, your data must be immediately available to the people who need it in a form that is easy to understand and to work with. Rocket CorVu NG has been specifically designed to meet these requirements.

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XLr8 Editor is a full screen editor that allows you to view your includes, subroutines, and other source code at a touch of the mouse. Color code reserved words, many undo levels, code formatter, and many more features. Here is a compile screen shot. If you have hundreds or thousands of programs the ability to filter is show here. The ability find where variables are is a simple as double click on the variable in question. Additionally, this is what a search would look like through you entire Unibasic directory.

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IBM UniData and UniVerse Add-ins for Visual Studio provides an ADO.NET provider and Microsoft Visual Studio add-ins for MultiValue-centric programming in a .NET framework.

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U2Weblink is the premier middleware that is based open source data format used by Google and Yahoo called json. This middleware runs on Apache Tomcat using UniObjects for Java to talk to the U2 databases.

U2WebLink supports PHP natively using open source PHP Java-Bridge. We have incorported the best of our middleware interface with easy access to either Unidata or Universe. Our middleware can run on any version of Unidata back to 6.0 and Universe 9.6. We have the security and logging that you need to run your business applications that has been proven by our current clients running a Call Center application or our high transaction Public Warehousing application.

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