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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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Have you ever been frustrated by not having the right data in your DataFlo development environment to test a new report, process or screen? Is the data in your training account hopelessly out of date? If so, you need Data Sampler.

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Intelligent document creation for your MultiValue Application.

Capture and Convert Your Existing Documents
Convert your existing BASIC, SB+ and Enquiry reports without additional coding. Let mvPDF capture your print jobs and turn them into Adobe PDF documents, including PCL Codes and EPSON compatible barcodes.

Spruce up your legacy reports using the Page Designer to Create watermark pages and form layouts for a professional look - without the cost of pre-printed stationery - and print direct to your Windows printers.

Merge your Application Data
Let your users create their documents using dictionary driven mvPDF Merge Forms - using regular Enquiry syntax.

Experience the rich BASIC API
For the ultimate in control give your developers the mvPDF Document API.

Set text, graphics, images and barcodes using real time BASIC functions with full font and text metrics support.

Protect your Investments with Report Mining
Your existing reports represent a huge investment in time and knowledge.

Leverage that investment with the new mvPDF Report Mining: let mvPDF capture and rip the contents of your current reports to create new documents or for export.

Work Securely
Compress, encrypt and password protect your documents for distribution. Digitally sign the documents using X.509 certificates for proof of authorship.

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Like most college bookstores, youre not limited to selling any specific types of merchandise. In fact product lines come and go almost on a daily basis. However, selling all the merchandise you do can be a nightmare when it comes to pricing, discounts, inventory control and overall product management. The trick is finding a system that will help you manage margins as you sell whatever merchandise your clientele demands; a system that will help you understand the buying habits of your customer and supply you with the most current information to help automate reordering and make smart business decisions.

Well, your search is over! Allow us to Introduce SmartGM, our complete general merchandising solution. With SmartGM, you will be amazed at how truly efficient and head-ache free your college bookstore can be. SmartGM is part of SmartSuite, our solution for smart retailers. Take a look at the benefits and features and youll see what we mean.

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XLr8 Editor is a full screen editor that allows you to view your includes, subroutines, and other source code at a touch of the mouse. Color code reserved words, many undo levels, code formatter, and many more features. Here is a compile screen shot. If you have hundreds or thousands of programs the ability to filter is show here. The ability find where variables are is a simple as double click on the variable in question. Additionally, this is what a search would look like through you entire Unibasic directory.

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Developer productivity is dramatically improved & End-users will appreciate the prompt response to their requests for improved functionality!

Ashwood's mvTools will enable your developers to accomplish more in less time!

  • Provides Uniform Corporate Application Architecture
  • Reduces Application Software maintenance costs?
  • Provides a Consistent Operator Interface
  • Enables GUI and Point-N-Click Functionality
  • Robust Data Indexing and Cross Referencing Included?
  • Enhanced Security and Data Access Features included

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