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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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SHIMS (Supply House Information Management System) is a comprehensive management application package designed especially for hardgoods distributors and wholesalers. Taking full advantage of the latest RISC-based processors, SHIMS allows distributors to fully control their entire business by combining the Universe 4GL environment with the IBM/U2 Software's UniVerse post-relatiional database. The system is designed to completely automate the day-to-day tasks of a distributor including sales, return goods, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, branch transfers, inventory control, general ledger, EDI functionality, Desqtop faxing and all the associated inquiries and reports.

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FAST c/s, F&L's flagship product, is a file maintenance utility with more than 2,270 users worldwide. FAST c/s automates the file resizing process for the uniVerse, UniData, and Prime INFORMATION databases. FAST c/s runs on the UNIX, Windows NT/2000 and Primos environments on all major hardware platforms. Users are provided with the best recommendations for modulo, type (hashing algorithm), and separation (block size). These parameter choices will help achieve maximum system performance, efficient use of disk space, and file integrity validation with the least amount of administrative effort.

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Kourier Integrator Classic can help you restore the value of your DataFlo ERP application through business-to-business connectivity and best-in-class product integration. Many companies are implementing stand-alone software applications to improve specific areas of the business. With Kourier Integrator Classic these applications can function as though they were an integral part of your enterprise application, ensuring data consistency while eliminating costly and redundant data entry. Kourier Integrator Classic was written specifically for DataFlo and the IBM U2 database, and allows your DataFlo application to connect and exchange data with virtually any computer in the world.

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Integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications quickly and cost-effectively.

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mvDesigner 4.3.1 takes advantage of the powerful Omnis Studio 4.3 object-oriented rapid application development environment for faster, more efficient creation of Enterprise and Web solutions, and increased developer and user productivity.

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Automated unit, regression and volume testing.

mvTest lets you create, organize and run automated unit tests against your MultiValue application.

Tests are written in a dedicated scripting language that combines UniVerse Basic-like syntax with validations, test data generation, assertions and direct access to the database.

Create user interface tests using a scriptable fully featured terminal emulator.

Scale up for volume testing by running multiple test runs in parallel, with control over batching, randomizing and easily navigated feedback.

Client and server side test runners for ease of use and unattended testing.

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SpoolerPlus allows you to run your generic Pick software on Universe and Unidata using the generic Pick printer commands that are embedded in your software or that you use at TCL e.g. :STARTSPOOLER, STARTPTR, SP-ASSIGN, SP-EDIT, LISTPTR, LISTPEQS, etc. and they behave just like they do on your generic Pick database.

SpoolerPlus will hold, print, hold-and-print and spool on-hold print jobs from designated print queues to designated printers when those jobs are generated and/or when those printers are available.

And (adding a feature to the generic Pick spooler) you can configure each printer to the print characteristics of the assigned print queue automatically when the printer is assigned to that queue, using printer drivers that we supply and/or that you may write which is the Plus in SpoolerPlus.

Migrating generic Pick software to Universe and Unidata has never been easier.

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