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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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NEW! Ajility Call Management Suite: Offers predictive dialer, Personalized Voice Messaging and IVR for increased contacts.

Collector Logic: Business analytics with flexible collection software designed for mid-sized agencies.

Collector Express: An affordable yet comprehensive collection solution for smaller collection agencies.

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A modern 4GL Rapid Application Development product for MultiValue databases providing an automated migration process from SB+ and System Builder.

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Integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications quickly and cost-effectively.

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The easy-to-use Web Wizard will get your Multi-Value Data Base on the Web today. With Insta-Pages, you can quickly create HTML pages that will read, display, and update your files. Do you need to have your inventory files online? Get Web Wizard! Do you want to put your order entry system online? Get Web Wizard!

We're in the process of picking out the locations of our regional talks. Let us know at comment@eaglerock-is.com if you would like a talk in your area.

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