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    When all you have is a hammer... Are we selecting technology for projects based upon what we like to use, or are we making objective choices? Kevin King attempts to resolve the age old question: Which technology is best?



  • Pick Basic Consultant in St. Louis, MO

    Position: PICK Basic Consultant
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Duration: 9 Months

    Note: Looking for someone who can Code in Pick Basic and has some idea on ICD-10 ( Healthcare Diagnostic codes).

    Must have:

    • Experience with PICK (Universe or Unidata or D3 or jBase) programming is required.
    • Universe, Unidata, jBase, D3, Unibasic, Multivalue, Universe Programmer, Unidata Developer, Multi Value

    Vidya Nand Thakur
    IDC Technologies, Inc.
    Direct: +1-408-418-5779 * 1027
    Email: vidya@idctechnologies.com

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