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Business Intelligence

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

Turning all that data you have been accumulating for years on your system into usable information (Knowledge) is easier said than done. The following set of courses will educate the student from a business perspective and is designed to reach a combined audience of IT and Business Managers to make that installation easier. A successful BI installation takes the combined talent of multiple disciplines within an organization. Gone are the days of IT or the Business Manager working alone. By working together you can project you and your company to an even brighter future. Business Intelligence is an odd duck, if you think about it, it is horizontal application that is tuned to your company and industry.

Week 1

Foundational Background regarding the BI market, what are the terms and an open discussion about the different types of BI. Let's start to match the right solution for the problem you are attempting to solve. We will talk about what BI is and what it isn't as well as the relationship between IT and the Business Manager. What it takes to have a successful installation. If you want to succeed you need to attend this foundational session.

Week 2

The Nuts and Bolts: From Manualytics to Spreadmarts to Business Intelligence and on to Visual Analytics. We will explore what type of tool to use to solve information problems in an organization. We will look at configurations and the pieces required to have a Workable Solution. What different departments are looking for from their BI Solution.

Week 3

What it takes to put a BI system into a company - 10 Things to avoid when installing and implementing BI in a company. How to calculate an ROI for your expenditure. What the experts say is the future of BI. Make sure what you do today leverages the future of the BI world.

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