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MultiValue-Aware Excel Spreadsheets

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Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.


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Your office loves Excel. Your co-workers love Excel. Why can't you get your MultiValue data into Excel for them to use?

Excel provides developers the ability to create Add-ins, or Plug-Ins, to enhance Excel's functionality. This webinar will talk about how to create Excel Add-ins, and use them to extend and combine the your MultiValue application with Excel.

This webinar is designed to show you how to pull the data from MultiValue database into Excel and how to call MultiValue BASIC programs from within Excel.

We will Cover:

  • How to Create the Add-IN
  • How to Deploy it
  • Create new Excel Formula Functions
  • Access your MultiValue database using Functions

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