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Advanced MultiValue Basic Programming

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

This 5 week course is designed for experienced MultiValue Basic programmers. The class follows the development of a program from specification to completion to illustrate the topics covered. Key topics include Program Specification and Structure, Data Input and Validation, BASIC Functions, File Input and Output, COMMON variables, Selection and Branch Logic, Sorting and Searching Techniques, Optimization Introduction, Data Compression and Encryption, Native File Input/Ouput, Internal and External Subroutines, handing exceptions, debugger use, triggers.

Week 1

  • Program Specifications
  • Documentation Guidelines
  • Program Structure
  • Data Input and Validation

Week 2

  • Data Input and Validation (con't)
  • Basic Functions
  • File Input and Output Commands

Week 3

  • File Input and Output Commands (con't)
  • Selection and Branch Logic
  • Sorting and Searching Techniques

Week 4

  • Sorting and Searching Techniques (con't)
  • Data Compression and Encryption Techniques
  • Native File Input/Output

Week 5

  • Native File Input/Output (con't)
  • Internal and External Subroutines
  • Use of Common Blocks
  • Review and Q & A

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