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D3 Administration

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

The MultiValue Administration Series is aimed at those who are involved with day-to-day administration of the MultiValue database environment. Each course will be 4 weeks long and will include the following key topics: file maintenance (creation, sizing and resizing), managing users, managing printers, managing foreground and background processes, backup, locking, working with persistent and non-persistent connections.

Week 1

  • Starting with what is a file
  • backups
  • resizing
  • basic data architectural issues

Week 2

  • Finishing files
  • Covering printers
  • terminal settings,
  • overview of o/s level tools (Linux/Unix/Windows).

Week 3

  • Users
  • Security
  • Hung Ports
  • account vs. user

Week 4

  • Phantoms
  • external interfaces
  • triggers

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