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Fundamentals: MultiValue Dictionaries

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If you use MultiValue Retrieval in any aspect of your job (end-user or developer) you need to understand what is happening in your file dictionaries. During this 6 week session you will learn how to read and write dictionaries, understand the various dictionary structures and how they process. We will cover what each line of the dictionary does, how to convert data and create calculated dictionaries.

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Quick Retrieval Review
  • Dictionary Structure
  • Dictionary Processing
  • Assignment

Week 2

  • Review Assignment
  • Dictionary Types
  • Display Format
  • Wrapping
  • Column Heading

Week 3

  • Review Assignment
  • Date Conversions
  • Time Conversions
  • Numeric Conversions
  • Group Extraction
  • Text Extraction

Week 4

  • Review Assignment
  • Concatenation
  • Character Conversions
  • Length
  • Pattern
  • Range
  • Substitution

Week 5

  • Review Assignment
  • File Translation
  • F-Correlative Stack
  • Arithmetic
  • Aging

Week 6

  • Review Assignment
  • Multiple Calculations
  • Multivalued Fields
  • Associated Multivalued Fields

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