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SQL Query Training

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

You can no longer avoid knowing a little SQL when working in your business environment. Whether you are working with a Power-User who already knows SQL, or another programmer that you need to communicate with, these class will help you communicate better.

With Business Systems no longer single databases, you may have had to or are in need of, interacting with an SQL database like ACCESS, mySQL, or MS SQL in order to update or query information.

International Spectrum University is presenting training classes in SQL Queries for the Beginner.

Week 1

  • Short SQL History
  • Compare SQL to MultiValue Retrieval
  • Discuse Schemas
  • Creating TAbles
  • SQL Syntax
  • Some Simple Single Table Queries

Week 2

  • Assignment Review
  • WHERE Clause and Relational Operators
  • Multiple WHERE Statements (AND, OR, BETWEEN)
  • Using Column Names as Test Values (WHERE Balance >
  • Credit_Limit)
  • Command Line Calculations
  • Wildcards
  • IN Statement
  • Built-In Functions
  • DISTINCT Statement

Week 3

  • Assignment Review
  • Sub Queries
  • Sub Query in a Sub Query
  • ANY and ALL Statements
  • Primary Key/Foreign Key RelationshipMulti-Table Column Name
  • Syntax
  • Table Joins
  • Cross Join
  • Natural Join
  • INNER Join

Week 4

  • Assignment Review
  • Left, Right, and Full OUTER Joins
  • Self Joins
  • Joining Several Tables
  • UNION and INTERSECT statements
  • Introduction to Views

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