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Using OWIN Security with MultiValue Data - Part 3


In the first article, I explained a little bit about what OWIN was, and the basic setup for creating a connection between an OWIN application and a MultiValue framework. In the second article, we covered the basic interface you need to implement in order to get the minimum requirements for using OWIN's identity/security framework in place. There are a few connection points left to create before it will be complete. Ready?

Quick Review

ApplicationDBContext - This class does all the work of connecting to the database and making the subroutine calls to return or update data.

ApplicationUser - This class is used to hold information about the user that the rest of the OWIN Identity system will use. This class will call the SPECTRUM.OWIN.USER subroutine and return a dynamic array of information about the user.

ApplicationUserStore - This class does most of the work of interface between OWIN and the ApplicationUser class. As you saw in the Part2 this class is very modular in design, so you only have implemented the interface requirement that you need.


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