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Installing and Using UniVerse ODBC: A Quickstart


UniVerse has had the ability to provide access to its data via ODBC for years. Yet I still find a lot of shops who either are not aware of this, or who have tried to use it but failed. I think one of the problems is the lack of an end-to-end example. This quickstart will try to provide that.

There are two areas to be considered when installing and using UV/ODBC — the server and the client.

The server side is very straightforward, as there is nothing to install. As of UniVerse release 10.1, the ODBC software is part of the normal installation. What you do need to make sure of is that the RPC daemon or service is running. On *nix-based systems you logto the UV account and select the option from the menus. On Windows-based systems, you will find Unirpc in the system services.

Each account on the server that contains files you want to access needs to be added to the list of ODBC-enabled accounts. This procedure is discussed later in this document.

Each client PC that is going to access the data must have Rocket supplied software installed on it and ODBC Data Source Names (DSN) defined.


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